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April 4, 2019
Sabera Shirin

Posted 5 months ago

Want to be a Wizard of Internet?Join as a Web Developer in Nascenia.

What would you do with us?

  • Develop web and/or mobile applications
  • Learn new languages and frameworks (e.g. Ruby on Rails, PHP, .NET, Python etc.)

What are we looking in you?

  • CSE/EEE Graduate
  • Experience of participating in national and international level programming contests
  • Experience in web development using Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, PHP or C#
  • Contribution in open source projects (please justify with URL) and github accounts with public projects
  • Must have strong academic experience with either java or PHP and very eager to work in technology agnostic environment
  • Strong knowledge on object oriented programming is a MUST
  • Warning: We are an uber committed company. If you’re just looking for an old kind of job or a little extra cash, this isn’t right for you. If you are a technology puritan and have issues learning new languages, don’t apply.

If the above interests you and ring a bell, waste no time and apply now!

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