PHP Developer

March 4, 2019
Sabera Shirin

Posted 3 weeks ago

Do you want to possibly change lives of 800 million people in the world? Be a Senior PHP Developer in Nascenia.

What would you do with us?

  • Develop PHP software in a complex system
  • Use PHP frameworks e.g. Laravel, Symphony2

What are we looking in you?

  • Graduate in CSE or related field.
  • Senior PHP Full Stack Developer with experience building and maintaining complex software systems. We are looking for a developer with minimum 2 years of professional experience in working complex software systems.
  • We expect our new developers to be experts in: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL and Rest API Development.
  • Ability to visualize and design complex systems with multiple product lines and integrations with external systems.
  • Ability to design, operations support systems like monitoring, reporting, fail overs etc.
  • Can do basic database administration, performance optimization, index optimization, write advanced select queries, able to replace cursor usage with relational sql, understands how data is stored internally, understands how indexes are stored internally, understands how databases can be mirrored, replicated etc. Understands how the two phase commit works.
  • Can write code with assumptions are verified using asserts, and your code flows naturally .
  • Excellent in communication in English, excellence in problem solving skills.

If above interests you and ring a bell, waste no time and apply here.

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