April 4, 2019
Sabera Shirin

Posted 3 months ago

Want to Grow With Nascenia?Join our Internship Program!

What would you do with us?

  • Work directly and closely with some key personnel of the company
  • Work and learn in related field (e.g. business, CSE, Economics, Engilish etc.):
    • Learn to become a Software Developer
    • Grow to be a marketer
    • Grow to be a general business executive
    • Become expert in proposal and  content writing
    • Grow to be an HR personnel etc.

What are we looking in you?

  • Graduate in any subjects
  • All of the courses completed except the internship.
  • Good communication in English.
  • Having creative ideas about business development and growth.
  • Strong knowledge of Powerpoint
  • Being tech oriented will add a cherry on top.
  • Willingness to stay 4 months with us and work under pressure.
  • Warning: We are a committed company. If you’re just looking for an old kind of job or a little extra cash, and have issues learning new things, don’t apply.

If the above interests you and ring a bell, waste no time and apply now!

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