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Tips for hiring an outsourcing partner

Jan 27 2016

Contributor: Hasan Faisal, Intern, Nascenia Nowadays many business firms across the globe are using technology outsourcing. If you are thinking about outsourcing, then you…

TDD in .NET: An overview of Red, Green, Refactor

Jan 06 2016

Contributor: Mehedi Zaman, SQA Engineer, Nascenia Test-driven development (TDD) is an advanced technique of using automated unit tests to drive the design of software…

How to Manage a Remote Software Development Team

Dec 02 2015

Contributor: Mushtahir Aziz Rahman, Senior Executive, Nascenia Nascenia has been developing software for 5 years now. We have completed 50+ project for clients of…

PHP vs Python

Nov 25 2015

Contributor: Faisal Islam, Software Engineer, Nascenia There are many languages in programming. Each of them has some predefined and special tasks. Both PHP and…

Automate test on the web with Ruby and Capybara

Nov 16 2015

Contributor: Akhlasur Rahman Mashpy, Junior Software Engineer, Nascenia Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable…

Manage Ruby Gemfile

Nov 09 2015

Contributor: Swawibe Ul Alam, Junior Software Engineer, Nascenia  Gemfile is a collection of Gems and in Ruby program, “Gem is a collection…

Building and Documenting REST API in Rails

Oct 26 2015

Managing Techies by a Non-Techie

Oct 14 2015

Contributor: Nusrat Jahan, HR Executive, Nascenia I have been working in Nascenia for more than a year in an HR role. During…

Simple Approach of Negative Testing

Oct 12 2015

Contributor: Abdul Hamid, Software Engineer, Nascenia The primary goal of software testing team is to release quality product of an organization. Test…

Gems, rails developers cannot overlook

Oct 05 2015

Contributor: Sajidur Rahman, Junior Software Engineer, Nascenia We are talking about some powerful Gems in Rails. So first of all what comes…